2018 Einbock 8 row 30” Folding HD Chopstar


  • Equipped with HD sections that can handle harder compact soils
  • 5x HD S-tines per section and 3x HD S-tines per outer half sections
  • Height adjustable plate shields
  • Approx. transport width 3m
  • 8 sets of RED Finger Weeders
  • Upper link steering
  • Less than 2000 acres
  • Call for price
Product Specifications
Manufacturer Einbock
Model / Type 8-Row 30” Folding HD Chopstar
Year of Manufacture 2018
New / Pre-Owned Pre-Owned
Price 0

1-519-582-3200 or sales@frontlinkinc.com

Other Details

What our customers say

I’m very impressed with the Einböck Rowguard. It sure takes the stress out of cultivating.

Derek Beishuizen, Ripley, ON August 7, 2020