Electronic Frontlift Control Pro


Electronic Frontlift Control Pro

  • The lastest innovation from Zuidberg Frontline Systems B.V. is the Electronic Frontlift Control Plus (EFC). This is a fully electronic linkage control with many advantages. EFCpro allows the setting of the minimum and maximum lifting height with the touch of a button.
  • If the implement is placed in the working position or transport position, the PTO can be switched on or off automatically. Besides that you can easily adjust and use the pressure aggression or pressure relief.
  • The EFC-Pro has the following Features: Control lift / lowering speed Speed keys (for lift and lower) Pressure aggression / pressure relief Adjustable lifting height – and depth restriction

What our customers say

“Frontlink continues to be the primary choice for front three point hitches. Their knowledge and expertise are second to none. Its a team approach at Frontlink from ordering to shipping. They just get it right.”

Gary Maddison, Van Oostrum Farm Equipment, Port Williams, Nova Scotia May 28, 2020