In 1999 Frontlink (Frontlink Inc.) a family owned company became the North American importer and distributor for Zuidberg Frontline Systems of Holland, the premier line of front linkages.

Since that date Frontlink has promoted, sold and serviced Zuidberg tractor front hitches and front PTO’s to a growing network of North American farm equipment dealers, over 1200, to service agriculture and government municipal end users. Zuidberg’s linkages are built to ISO 9001 standards.

Since 2009, Frontlink is the importer for Canada of an excellent line of Einbock tillage, seeding and weeding equipment, both front and rear mount, from Austria. This equipment is designed for vegetable, organic and conventional farmers.

In 2010 Frontlink became the importer of Homburg Tile-Drain cleaners from Holland for the North American market. The Homburg field, tile drainage cleaner line has 4 different models, it is a unique way of maximizing the efficiencies of field drainage tiles.

From July 1, 2014 Frontlink now Distributes Zuidberg Front hitches and Front PTO’s for Canada through Zuidberg North America.

The staff at Frontlink is big on service and customer satisfaction.

We maintain a good supply of both parts and whole goods at our Delhi, Ontario, Canada, warehouse facility.

We supply qualified and factory trained technical support.

Our products are warrantied.

We provide service training.

We provide in house and outside installs.

Please give us a phone call or email and talk to us

Frontlink is closed on Sundays.

The Frontlink Team

Henry Sr Scholten
General Manager
Henri Jr Scholten
Operations Manager | Directeur
John Hotke
Peter Klassen
Assistant Accountant & Administration
Jim Turcotte
Gérant de Territoire Spécialiste Einbock | Homburg | Zuidberg (Province de Québec)
Henri Jr Scholten
Territory Manager - Einbock | Homburg | Zuidberg Specialist (Maritimes & Ontario)
Mike Huck
Territory Manager - Einbock | Homburg | Zuidberg Specialist (Western Canada)
John Warwick
Technical Support Specialist | Spécialiste de Support Technique | Spécialiste de Pièces, Province de Québec
Marc Scholten
Parts Support Representative | Logistics Coordinator
Mark Aarnoudse
Equipment Setup
Corry Davis
Administrator & Customer Service