Care for the soil with Zuidberg’s soil-protecting combine track systems!

Years of heavy agricultural use have left many soils permanently compacted and requiring rehabilitation. Zuidberg consequently began to develop rubber crawler tracks in 2011. They deliver up to 400% more soil surface contact than rubber tires, and reduce soil compaction up to 44% compared to special low-pressure tires. This significantly reduces soil impacts, hence protecting the subsoil.

Year-round use of track systems increases root development and leads to a yield increase of up to 15% in just a few years. At this point, Frontlink is focused on bringing tracks to the combine and harvesting equipment market. Using a track system will extend the life of your equipment while reducing the detrimental impact on soil quality.

The tracks are characterized by their compact design and interchangeability. It takes only a few hours to install the tracks underneath the equipment, and the installation is reversible, leaving the tractor suitable for re-fitting pneumatic tires.

Tracks Infographic

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