5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Canadian Farm Equipment Supplier

Whether you’re looking for three-point hitches, PTOs, rubber track systems, tine weeders or other farm essentials, be sure that your supplier is up to the challenge of consistently exceeding your expectations.

Farmers have some of the most demanding jobs in the world. Along with the arduous task of growing crops, maintaining cows herds to feed thousands of people, they need to fight against mother nature, deteriorating equipment, and the stress of putting food on their own table.

Having a reliable team to support farmers and help ease pressure of producing quality food. One of those team members is a farm equipment supplier. Canadian farmers need implements that work, and work consistently. Taking a few days off to troubleshoot and fix a problem simply isn’t an option.

That’s why farmers need to put their trust not only in the products they purchase, but also in the supplier that’s backing them up.

Does the Tractor Equipment Supplier Have a History?

We’ve seen it happen too many times over the years: someone decides to offer farm equipment in Canada with dollar signs in their eyes, only to realize that there can be significant missteps if they don’t properly understand the needs of farms and the processes one must go through.

With a long history of selling farm equipment in Canada, suppliers fully understand the past and present challenges, and have a clear understanding of where the industry is going in the near future.

Can the Implement Supplier Offer Sales and Service?

Selling a product is one task; supporting it is something completely different. Not only must the supplier have knowledgeable technicians on staff that fully understand the inner workings of the products, but replacement parts must be in stock at the moment a farmer needs it.

There isn’t a piece of farm equipment that will never break down, so when it does, farmers need to be reassured that they have immediate/friendly/knowledgeable support. By speedily communicating with farmers, shipping replacement parts and even playing a role in the equipment replacement process, the supplier must know that the situation is being resolved.

What Are Other Farmers Saying About the Equipment Supplier?

In today’s digital age, farmers have pivoted to use websites and social media outlets for clear and reliable information regarding the industry. Suppliers too are online, and likely have strong websites and active social media profiles. But those resources can be skewed since they manage that information themselves.

What about its reputation? What are other farmers saying? Ask your social media friends, call up your local dealer, speak with other farmers in your niche – whatever it takes to get a full and comprehensive view of the supplier.

Does the Supplier Have the Products that Farmers Want & Need?

There’s nothing worse than having an amicable relationship with a supplier who only offers cheaply made products.

Farmers need reliability, durability and ease of use in every area of their farm, especially crucial equipment like PTOs, hitches, tracks and maintenance gear. Every experienced farmer knows that the cost of failure on the field is too great to even consider products with low quality and poor reviews.

Choose the Trusted Farm Equipment Supplier in Canada

When you’re making a significant investment in your farm, you need to be assured that your supplier has the stuff it takes for you to perform at the best of your ability. Choose suppliers that can save you time, money and energy.

Frontlink is Canadian farmers’ #1 choice for a wide range of implements that save you time, money and energy. We’ve been helping farmers with their world-class equipment needs for more than 20 years, and we look forward to being your partner soon.

Contact your Canadian farm equipment team at sales@frontlinkinc.com or 1-877-553-2524 and experience why we’re Canada’s favourite choice.

9 Things Canadian Farmers Can Do With A Front Hitch or Power Take Off (PTO)

Successful farmers need to make the most of their time, energy and equipment. The best way to do that is by relying on high-quality equipment that saves you time and energy.

If you’re still farming like it’s 1950, then you’re doing something wrong. Today’s tractors are designed and built to deliver incredible power and efficiency for a wide variety of uses. Front hitches and PTOs help to transform today’s tractors into versatile machines that have the ability to do practically anything that requires extra effort.

Zuidberg’s three-point hitches and PTOs make tough Canadian operations easier, and can maximize the power of your tractor by performing two important tasks at the same time. Here are some of the most frequent ways that Canadian farmers use Zuidberg innovation on their farms:

Rotovating and Cultivating

Cut your time spent on the fields, and reduce soil compaction by using a rotavator on the front of your tractor, with a cultivator on the back.

Rotary Tilling and Planting

A Zuidberg front PTO can be set up with a rotavator and give you better control over your tractor as you prepare a seed bed. The rear implement can plant your crop, all in one pass.

Counterbalancing Weight

Every farmer has experienced the frustration of excessive tire slippage and tire wear because of improper weight ratios. Increase your productivity, increase the lifespan of your tires and make your work easier with ballasts on your tractor’s front end.

Double Mowing

Use your mowing attachment at the front with a Zuidberg PTO, and at the rear (extended out to a side) to reduce the time spent mowing by up to 50%.

Moving Snow

Push snow with your herculean Zuidberg three-point hitch, while you use your optional grader blade at the rear to clean up the rest.

Blowing Snow

Whether you’re clearing small driveways or entire roads, rely on Zuidberg’s front PTO to be there when you need it most.

Wood Chipping

Why lug your cumbersome chipper out to the bush, when you can simply attach a wood chipper to your versatile Zuidberg PTO? Hooking it up is easy, and within minutes you can be ready to transform dead branches into valuable wood chips.

Manure Spreading with Counterweight

All that weight on the back of your tractor can make a simple task like manure spreading far more challenging than it needs to be. Adding on a Zuidberg counterweight can make manure spreading at least a little more bearable.

Removing Grapevine Leaves

Vineyards are unique agricultural properties, and require equally unique equipment to make your job easier. To improve your grapes air circulation, expose your fruit to more sunlight and improve grapes’ flavour, connect a fast and delicate leaf remover to your front PTO.

Taking Advantage of Everything Your Tractor Has to Offer

As you can see, the applications for three-point hitches and PTOs are practically endless.

To learn more about having your Canadian farm work smarter, faster and better, trust the implements manufactured by the leader in front PTOs and hitches: Zuidberg.

Zuidberg is available across Canada via Frontlink, your Canadian importer and distributor of Zuidberg front hitches & PTOs, Zuidberg tracks, Einbock tillage equipment and Homburg tile drain cleaners.

Frontlink has front hitches and PTOs for virtually every make and model of tractor available. Contact us to speak with equipment professionals today: 1-877-553-2524 or sales@frontlinkinc.com.