Heavy Duty Arm Kit


Heavy Duty Arm Kit (HDAK)

  • The Heavy duty arm kit replaces the existing arms on the front hitch with 2 new arms that have holes drilled in on each arm to mount the cross tube. This cross tube holds both arms together in the locked position when using the front hitch in an ground engaging application.
  • This heavy duty arm kit ensures that the front hitch has no free play in the arms. When an pto driven implement is hooked up to the front 3pt hitch the cross tube must be dismounted by 4 bolts which takes approx 4 – 6 minutes.
  • This will allow the implement shaft from the implement to have no interference with our linkage. The heavy duty arm kit will fit on front hitches 8kN (1760 lbs) – 60kN (13200 lbs).

What our customers say

"Frontlink continues to be the primary choice for front three point hitches. Their knowledge and expertise are second to none. Its a team approach at Frontlink from ordering to shipping. They just get it right."

Gary Maddison, Van Oostrum Farm Equipment, Port Williams, Nova Scotia May 28, 2020