New Front Linkage & PTO Available for Massey Ferguson 1700 M-serie (Stage 5)

1750 – 1755 – 1765

Product advantages

      • • Includes removable linkage arms with a transport, fixed and oscillation setting
      • • Robust construction and maximum strength through connection to the tractor rear axle (pushbar)
      • • Maximum turning radius is maintained
      • • Mounting of several hydraulic connections possible in the front linkage

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New Front Linkage & PTO Available for Case Farmall C-serie (Stage 5)

90 – 100 – 110 – 120

Product advantages

      • • Front linkage can be set to a single-acting, double-acting and transport position with the multi-valve supplied as standard
      • • Optimal manoeuvrability due to compact construction
      • • Smooth and easy installation
      • • PTO clutch engagement time variable to ensure smooth engagement

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Zuidberg Newsletter June 2022

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Word from the management

The first six months of 2022 have come to an end. A period in which we thought we could leave COVID behind and go full steam ahead. Unfortunately, the events in Eastern Europe have disrupted these plans. Naturally, our thoughts go out to the people living in these areas. Despite the challenges in our supply chain, we were able to fill our production halls and are proud of the performance of our people. Besides the challenges in the supply chain, we were also confronted with huge price increases, which we had to pass on in our selling prices. Everyone has felt the effects of this.

Despite all the challenges, the backlog of our customers remains solid, which gives us confidence for the second half of 2022. As an international player, we are continuously working to expand our sales market. In the second quarter of 2022, a couple of colleagues travelled to South America after intensive preparatory research, where valuable discussions took place. These will certainly continue. We also developed promising plans for new products with our OEM accounts. We can determine that the first part of 2022 has turned out differently than expected, which has demanded a lot from our flexibility. A great challenge awaits us!

Klaas Jan Bijker, Comercial Director

High-tech PTO Assembly line

A high-tech assembly line for front PTO systems was put into operation last year. This enables us to guarantee an even higher quality level with an increased production capacity. Workplace safety and job satisfaction are ensured by the use of a number of well thought-out ergonomic aids. By using our own solar energy and using high-quality materials, the production process is environmentally responsible and future-proof.

Zuidberg presents an innovation in PTO technology

With the RL2 transmission, Zuidberg presents an innovation in PTO technology. The transmission combines a very compact design with high-tech solutions that guarantees efficiency, low noise levels, long service life and maximum ease of use. The transferable power of the RL2 is in line with the tractor’s engine performance, which distinguishes it from other PTOs. The RL2 is available for the NewHolland T5, the CASE IH Vestrum and the Steyr Expert with original factory-fitted front linkage. The mounted PTO is fully integrated with the front linkage and the tractor.

New Front Linkage & PTO Available for Valtra T-serie (Stage 5)

145 – 155 – 175E – 195 – 215 – 235 – 255

Product advantages

      • • Compact construction of front linkage
      • • Maximum steering angle is fully retained
      • • Full engine power transferable with standard PTO
      • • PTO including oil cooler for optimal performance
      • • PTO also available in an energy-efficient ECO-version
      • • PTO also available in combination with factory fitted front linkage

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FarmDroid Newsletter June 2022

In 2022 we have experienced an increased interest in field robots, resulting in a growing sale of the FarmDroid FD20 robot. It has been a successful, but also busy year for us so far. But it has been worth the effort as we have recently sold our field robot number 250!

We want to extend a BIG thank you to all our end-users, distributors and suppliers as they have all been a key factor in this rapid adoption of the FarmDroid technology. 

Watch the video with René Jannick Jørgensen, CEO of FarmDroid.

FarmDroid sells robot #250 within 2 years

Worldwide demands for clean, renewable energy, rising energy prices, labor issues and an intensified focus on sustainable crops have urged farmers to consider alternative means of farming. All these factors have led to farmers becoming more aware of innovative and automated farming solutions, such as robot technology.

Wind and weather

Weather is an unpredictable factor, so it is only natural to wonder whether a solar-powered field robot can drive in cloudy and rainy weather. The simple answer to that question is yes. Even though the FarmDroid robot is powered by solar panels, it can still drive when the weather is bad. Read this article and learn more about how.

New Front Linkage & PTO Available for Steyr 4000 KOMPAKT (Stage 5)

4080 – 4090 – 4100 – 4110 – 4120

Product advantages

      • • Front linkage can be set to a single-acting, double-acting and transport position with the multi-valve supplied as standard
      • • Optimal manoeuvrability due to compact construction
      • • Smooth and easy installation
      • • PTO clutch engagement time variable to ensure smooth engagement

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Einböck: New ROTARYSTAR 900 & 1200, Weed control in soybeans, Efficient fertilization using hoe & pneumatic seeding box

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Dear farmers, Einböck friends & agricultural technology enthusiasts,

In our latest news we inform you about the new ROTARYSTAR 900 (30 ft) & 1200 (40 ft), tips on weed control in soybean cultivation and how to improve efficiency in fertilizing with hoe & pneumatic seeding box. Furthermore, we provide details about the P-BOX-STI promotion and how you can become part of the Einböck exchange of practice.

NEW: ROTARYSTAR 900 & 1200 in three-point

ROTARYSTAR rotary hoe, the “Magic Bullet of mechanical weed control”, now new with 3 m (10 ft) transport width – also in 9 m (30 ft) & 12 m (40 ft) working width.

Weed control in soybeans

Increase soybean yields with the best technology and perfect timing of application. 6 steps to a high-yield soybean crop.

Efficient fertilization using a hoe & pneumatic seeding box

The cost of fertilizer is rising rapidly, so a well conceived fertilizer strategy is coming into focus. Hoeing technology can be an important part of it.

Promotion P-BOX-STI with plastic tank

Still looking for the right seeder to distribute cover or catch crops?
Then we have the right solution: Now the pneumatic seeding P-BOX-STI is also available with a robust design plastic tank.