Zuidberg presents Innovation in Front PTO

With the RL2 transmission, Zuidberg presents an innovation in PTO technology. The transmission
combines a very compact design with high-tech solutions that guarantees efficiency, low noise levels,
long service life and maximum ease of use. The transferable power of the RL2 is in line with the
tractor’s engine performance, which distinguishes it from other PTOs. The RL2 is available for the
NewHolland T5, the CASE IH Vestrum and the Steyr Expert with original factory-fitted front linkage.
The mounted PTO is fully integrated with the front linkage and the tractor.

For 40 years now, Zuidberg has been focusing on product innovation of front linkage systems and
transmissions. As a result, it has always been at the forefront of technical progress within this market
segment. Zuidberg, as market leader, is taking another important step forward with the new RL2
PTO. The extremely compact design of the low-maintenance RL2 combines fully integrated functions
with a high power density.

Integrated blade clutch – The PTO has – connected to the input shaft – an integrated multi-plate
clutch with forced oil lubrication with high cooling capacity. If the PTO is not engaged, the gears
remain in rest position. The direct benefit is a fuel saving due to a low “0-load” (approx. 300W). The
robust design of the clutch guarantees the highest operational safety.

No torque peaks – The proportional valve ensures a gradual and dosed engagement of the PTO.
Torque peaks are therefore minimal, which minimises the risk of machine wear.

Maximum cooling and lubrication – The gear on the output shaft has a baffle plate. This regulates
the flow of oil in the gear area, ensuring 100% cooling and lubrication.

Oil filter – The oil filter is located at the top of the PTO and is therefore easily accessible for
inspection and replacement. All particles larger than 10 microns are filtered out. The oil throughput
guarantees optimum operation of the clutch and oil pump.

Quick and easy installation – Due to its compact design, the PTO fits directly into the factory fitted
front linkage and the tractor without any modifications. Additional adjustments are not necessary
after installation. The product validation is based on the economic lifetime of the tractor. This
ensures maximum operational safety. The PTO fits within the warranty conditions of the tractor
supplier and MOT inspection.

Technical specifications:

  • Output 1.000 tpm
  • Maximaal 123 kW transmittable power
  • Equipped with wet clutch on input shaft
  • Compact housing with cooling fins
  • High pressure oil filter
  • Oil level 1,1 l (UTTO)
  • Weight 38,5 kg

Einböck: Premium tined weeder AEROSTAR-FUSION, Grassland practical example, Preparing the ideal seedbed

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Dear farmers, Einböck friends & agricultural technology enthusiasts,

We would like to inform you about the newly developed premium tined weeder AEROSTAR-FUSION and the construction progress of “Werk Dobl”. Furthermore, we illustrate the advantages of correct grassland care based on a practical grassland example and provide tips for optimal seedbed preparation.

Premium tined weeder AEROSTAR-FUSION

Best working results are achieved in a crop-friendly, compact and flexible way with the completely newly developed premium tined weeder AEROSTAR-FUSION.

Grassland practical example: Yield impact of weeds

Reduce costs, increase yield and forage quality with the right grassland care. In our practical example we calculate how weeds affect grassland quality.

Preparing the ideal seedbed

In order to prepare the seedbed for seeding in a good quality in only one working step, the appropriate technology is required.

Einböck: Partner Newsletter April 2022

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Find out more about the AEROSTAR-FUSION premium tined weeder in our brand-new brochure and start the new season well prepared with the Einböck set-up instructions. Furthermore, our product program has been completely reworked and received a new layout, in addition there is our new tillage brochure.


Find out more about the completely new developed AEROSTAR-FUSION premium tined weeder in the new brochure.

Set-up instructions

Short, precise and helpful – these are the Einböck set-up instructions. Especially for ROW-GUARD, SECTION-CONTROL & SPEED-TRONIC you always have the most important information by hand and can start the new season well prepared.

NEW brochures

Our product program has been completely reworked and received a new layout, in addition there is our new tillage brochure. We kindly ask you to update your website and the printed brochures. If you have any questions, please contact your Einböck representative.

Einböck: Innovation-interview, Carbide metal sweeps, Grassland care season, Weeding of winter cereals

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Dear farmers, Einböck friends & agricultural technology enthusiasts,

Einböck’s managing directors talk about their new innovations and present their new carbide metal sweeps. In addition to helpful tips for the right start into the grassland care season, we also inform you about what really matters when weeding winter cereals.

Einböck - Innovation-interview, Carbide metal sweeps, Grassland care season, Weeding of winter cereals - Frontlink 01

An innovation-interview with Michael and Leo jun. Einböck

In the interview, the young managing directors talk about the 5 new innovations and how they see the future development of the markets.

Einböck - Innovation-interview, Carbide metal sweeps, Grassland care season, Weeding of winter cereals - Frontlink 02

Carbide metal sweeps for CHOPSTARs

We have added carbide metal sweeps to our row-crop cultivators recently. 100% compatible and adapted to all variants of Einböck tine holders, we guarantee exact fitting accuracy.

Einböck - Innovation-interview, Carbide metal sweeps, Grassland care season, Weeding of winter cereals - Frontlink 03

The grassland care season started!

With the right technology and measures, regain energetic grassland, increase yield and the quality of silage. We give you helpful tips for the grassland care season!

Einböck - Innovation-interview, Carbide metal sweeps, Grassland care season, Weeding of winter cereals - Frontlink 04

Weeding of winter cereals

To prevent weeds from growing it’s now time to do some correct and effective weeding. We inform you about what is important in weeding winter cereals in spring. 

Einböck: Partner Newsletter February 2022

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Discover our new folder “The Einböck weeding technology – an overview”, which will help you find the right Einböck weeder in the future and keep up to date with the latest product information. From now on CARBIDE METAL SWEEPS for row-crop cultivators are available. Furthermore, we are pleased about the expansion of our sales team for Scandinavia.

The Einböck weeding technology – an overview

Our new “The Einböck weeding technology – an overview” folder will make it easier for you to find the right harrow among our 9 different models in the future.

Spare parts information: Carbide metal sweep CHOPSTAR

From now on CARBIDE METAL SWEEPS for row-crop cultivators are available. You can find more information in the new spare parts information.

Product info: Control module for manual steering 14-457

A control module for manual steering of row-crop cultivators is available. You can find more information in the new product info.

Einböck: 360° Experience, New Brochures, Construction Diary, Innovations

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Experience products from Einböck close up now!

Would you like to experience our machines as if you were sitting directly on them? Then use our 360° videos now and get right into the middle of the action. You will also find information to our 5 innovations, new brochures and many other news!

New brochures available

We are constantly editing our brochures, developing their content and let them shine in a new design. Now to download: An overview of the weeding technology from Einböck, our new seeding & fertilizing brochure and our product portfolio.

Construction diary – „Werk Dobl”

Stay up to date and follow the construction of our “Werk Dobl”!

Einböck Innovations 2022

Just in time for the new season, we are expanding our product lines with many more innovations!
Stay up-to-date and visit our website!

Stoll Announces Front Loader Solutions, Frontlink Partnership

Stoll, a global market leader for front loaders, markets products in Western Canada as alternative solutions for cattle ranchers, dairy farmers and cash croppers.

“Our intent is to give the customer another option, especially for after-market loaders,” says Shannon Peelow, Stoll’s North America product manager.

As Germany’s largest front-end loader manufacturer, and the second largest in the world, Stoll has been turning out front loaders since 1964.

The Stoll advantage lies in its specialization in loaders and loader attachments, compared to firms that no longer produce loaders or that give them lesser attention than other products they sell.

Stoll develops, produces and retails three front loader lines: ProfiLine, Solid, and CompactLine, partly under its own brand and partly as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner for tractor builders.


Stoll loaders are made from fine grain steel to produce a slim front loader with high torsional rigidity and stability. These loaders offer extremely high lifting capacity and height values, and their Z-kinematics and optimally positioned cross tubes provide drivers with optimal views of the implement. For maintenance work, owners only require a commercially available wrench to access the lines.

Stoll offers a variety of loader control options and features, including return-to-level, rapid emptying, and re-scooping, so users can work with greater efficiency.

Its loaders also fit a high range of tractors, from vintage all the way up to current models of all major brands, says Peelow. Stoll’s various front loader models also fit tractors from 15 to more than 300 hp. 

One of Western Canada’s implements of choice is the round bale grapple, also known as the grapple bucket. That is a product Stoll developed and has sold in the U.S. Midwest for decades. Stoll now offers REAL3 Live 3rd function to operate it.

“With those products, we now have the ability to better serve the dealers and customers in Western Canada,” Peelow says. 


Stoll recently named Frontlink as its new distribution partner in the region.

“We sought out a distributor that has a dedicated territory manager for Western Canada and can better serve dealers from a customer service and sales standpoint,” says Peelow.

Frontlink was looking to partner with another European manufacturer to add to its product lines and synchronize with lines it already sells and promotes. This allows it to offer more products to its customer base.

“Frontlink only distributes some of the highest quality European brands, and Stoll places the highest demands on quality and functionality,” says John Froese, Frontlink’s Western Canada territory manager.

“They don’t want to just meet your expectations; they want to exceed them. The Stoll brand also fits in well as an additional line to the Front Hitch/PTO systems we currently sell and promote and works well with our company product portfolio.”

For more information on the line of Stoll products now available through Frontlink, please visit

www.frontlinkinc.com/brands/stoll, or call 1-877-553-2524.

The Next Generation of ProfiLine is Here

Do you have questions about Stoll’s next-generation ProfiLine and would like to talk with a Canadian Stoll distributor who understands the needs of Canadian farmers? Contact Frontlink’s product specialists right now.

Breaking News: Frontlink Announces Big Einböck Innovations for Canadian Organic Farmers

Whether you are a Canadian organic farmer or a conventional farmer, you must know about Einböck. This Austrian business offers the best mechanical weed control and tillage equipment with experience based on research and development for over 70 years. This fall, Einböck has announced upgrades to its stellar lineup of equipment that will help to make the lives of Canadian farmers better in every way. 

Highlights from the innovation report include:

Aerostar–Fusion – Einböck is expanding its weeding technology product program with a new precision tined weeder.

Chopstar–Prime – One of the most modern row-crop cultivators currently available on the market.

Chopstar–Verso – Special row-crop cultivator for efficient and fast hoeing.

Jumbo–Seed – The pneumatic front tank with up to four seeding units can be combined with many different machines.

Chopstar–Seeder – Specially designed row crop seeder that uses double-disc or suffolk coulters.

Learn more about what Einböck has in store for organic farmers in 2022 at their webpage devoted to these exciting developments:

Learn more about Einböck and its many benefits on our webpage dedicated to equipment assisting Canadian organic farmers.

Do you have questions about Einböck and would like to talk with a Canadian Einböck distributor who understands the needs of Canadian farmers? Contact Frontlink’s product specialists right now.

New Catalog: Zuidberg Front Weights

Zuidberg’s range of front weights are an ideal fit for most types of tractor, and stand out from the competition because of their:

• Compactness

• Design

• Multifunctionality

In the updated catalog you will find the complete range of front weights made of concrete, steel and composite. In addition, an overview of various accessories, such as implement- and weight carriers and our safety combinations.

Safety Ensured

Zuidberg override protectors offer both weight and safety. It not only creates extra visibility, but it also lowers potential collision damages by protecting the wheels.

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