ProfiLine FS/FZ Loaders

Full Power.
No compromises.

The strongest front loader from STOLL. Full Power. No compromises. A front loader that is unrivaled. Be won over by its sheer power, ease of use and impressive service life – made in Germany.

Top class.
Made in Germany

Our intelligent designs provide you with a variety of comfort features exclusively from STOLL.

German engineering is known all around the world for its high quality, performance and reliability. That is why we develop all STOLL front loaders with precisely these values in Germany. They combine state-of-the-art technology with innovative solutions – and this is exactly what we expect from high-quality German products.

Experience the full power of the STOLL ProfiLine. The amazing best values in all areas ensure the highest quality in lifting capacity and lifting height, stability and loading speed. In addition to this, the individually selectable accessories from the ProfiLine fit in perfectly with your needs as a farmer or contractor. True professionals for professionals.

Full power – slim design

  • The ProfiLine FZ front loaders are made of fine grain steel – Advantage: High stability and torsional rigidity, plus a slim and lightweight construction.

  • The lifting arm boom is bent from a single piece of steel – The control rods are installed inside the beam. All the hydraulic lines are well protected but can be freely accessed under the beam.

  • The tare weight of the front loader is low making it extremely powerful. Having less weight significantly reduces the loading on the front axle of the tractor, thereby extending its service life.

  • In order to avoid the need to regularly replace the hose lines by the lifting arms in accordance with DIN 20066, we use wear-free steel hydraulic pipes instead.

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Solid Loaders

The allrounder.
For every job.

We raise responsibility (to a new level) – The SOLID.

Concise. Down-to-earth. Great design. That’s our SOLID. This lifting arm combines dynamic design with the best functionality, of course made in Germany. Count on the best as always. Count on STOLL.

A wealth of possible uses – this is what the new Solid offers you in eight different models: Suitable for your tractor between 45 and 135 hp, the front loaders are easy to operate and reliable. As always, STOLL has the right implements for your needs!

Because the front loaders from the Solid range are particularly light in comparison, they perform best, for example, in hilly terrain. And: They are suitable for numerous used tractors – because STOLL is in tune with its customers from all generations. Many family-run farms and farmers working as sideline enterprises are thrilled when there are new front loader solutions for their tried and tested tractor technology!

Your advantage with Solid: A real STOLL at an ideal price-performance ratio. Driven by the wishes of our customers, the engineers at STOLL have created a product that is both functional and flexible. A visual and functional highlight for your tractor.

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CompactLine FC Loaders

Smart powerhouse.
The compact class.

Added value. For small tractors.

Tight spaces, small areas and narrow streets. This is where Compact tractors are at their best. Because it’s all about endurance and manoeuvrability while working at full capacity.

Are you part of the smart group of Compact users? Are you a competent representative of the local council, a dedicated service provider? Are you running a small farm or a dynamic horse farm with all the due diligence, or are you a valuable fruit or wine grower? Then you are well aware that: Perfection in these areas can only be achieved by combining Compact tractors with the right front loaders. Best of all, one of outstanding quality: The STOLL CompactLine!

We combine our technical competence with our customers’ most important requirements: Easy to operate. The STOLL CompactLine offers a wide variety of models. From the smallest lifting arms for tractors between 15 and 25 hp, up to the larger FC 550 P for tractors of around 60 hp. Compact at full speed ahead.

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Short Lift Arm Kit

Short Lift Arm Kit

  • A Short Lift Arm Kit can be supplied with a front 3pt hitch when a client requests his or her implement closer to the tractor or needs more lifting capacity because of the implement stretching out so far in front of the tractor.
  • This kit is a benefit when working in tight areas such as a vineyard or orchard. Please Note: The Maximum allowable lifting capacity cannot exceed that of the front hitches writen lifting capacity on the serial No.

Large Plate Cooler

Large Plate Cooler

  • The Large Plate Cooler will increase the cooling capacity of the front PTO by 3 times. This oil cooler would replace the existing original plate cooler that is supplied with the Pto kit.
  • The large plate cooler would be used in heavy duty applications such as snowblowing, composting or in forestry use when the front PTO is put under extreme load.

7-pole Connector

7-pole Connector

  • Complete set to mount the European 7-pole connector at the front of the linkage between the top plate and the towing hook with possibility to mount the connector 4 different ways.
  • Also it is possible to mount the connector elsewhere at your own choice with the supplied mounting material.