2018 Einbock Aerostar Tine Weeder 1200 (12m)

  • 7/600mm tines on each section
  • Hydraulic Tine Adjustment on each Section
  • Slotted holder on wings for uneven terrain flex
  • 3m transport width
  • Low acres
  • Can be made quick hitch compatible**
  • Call for price

2018 Einbock 8 row 30” Folding HD Chopstar

  • Equipped with HD sections that can handle harder compact soils
  • 5x HD S-tines per section and 3x HD S-tines per outer half sections
  • Height adjustable plate shields
  • Approx. transport width 3m
  • 8 sets of RED Finger Weeders
  • Upper link steering
  • Less than 2000 acres
  • Call for price

2017 Einbock 60’ Chopstar Inter-Row Crop Cultivator with HD Camera Guidance System

Currently set up at 72 row 10” but can accommodate multiple row spacings.

  • Row distance: 10”/ 25,4cm
  • Middle frame: 1180 cm
  • approx. transport width: 40ft/ 1240cm
  • approx. weight with ROW-GUARD: 6300 kg

call for price

Located in SK

2019 Einbock 9m Aerostar Exact Precision Tined Weeder

3m transport width

Chassis kit included to give ultimate ground contouring

7/600 tines

Hydraulic tine adjustment

Wheel track width adjustment

Hydraulic wing locks

Lightly used

Call for price

2018 Einbock Row Guard 500 SR GEN 1 camera guidance system

2018 Einbock Row Guard 500 SR GEN 1 camera guidance system

Fits onto any Inter Row Crop Cultivators up to 40’ wide

Demo Unit

Call for price

Einbock 12m Aerostar Tined Weeder with 7/490m Tines

3m Transport width
Year: 2014
Call for Price

Universal C-Frame Combine Track

Universal C-Frame Combine Track

  • 3 Bogie wheel
  • Rubber track width: 36”
  • Total Length – 95”
  • Total Footprint – 3,420 in^2 (per track)
  • Track Weight – 4,600# (per track)
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Manufacturer Warranty – 18 months and unlimited hours
  • Mounts directly to wheel flange
  • Adapters and Spacers available
  • Roll limiters available 
  • Hydraulically tension to 110 bar/ 1,600 PSI
  • Fork slots for efficient mounting

Call for price.

New Holland Front Axle Carrier for T4000

New Holland Front Axle Carrier for T4000
No Hardware
Never Used
Sold as-is

2008 Einbock Aerostar 2400 (24m) Trailed Tine Weeder

Year – 2008

Working Width 24m

2 point lower link hookup

7/490mm tines on each section

Approx 3m transport width

Call for price

2018 Einbock Row Guard 500 with camera

2018 Einbock Row Guard 500 (GEN 1) camera guidance system

Can accommodate a inter row cultivator up to 23’


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