Front Auxiliary remotes


Front double acting service lines (Front hydraulic remotes)

  • Two hydraulic hoses and all the fittings on the back of the tractor, including two female connectors for the front of the tractor (provided with dust cap). There are 2 rubber lines that run to the rear remotes and most of the lines T-Fit into the rear remotes.
  • .Some of the lines pioneer fit into the rear remotes but this is only on certain models. A remote bracket is supplied as an option when the amount of front hydraulic remotes exceeds the amount of postioned holes in the topplate of the front linkage. The remote bracket bolts to the side of the front 3pt hitch on the left hand side (standing in front of the tractor).
  • This bracket can hold up to 6 sets of remotes (12 lines) depending on how many svc’s the tractor has available.