Modules for Composite Cast Iron Weights


Modules for Composite Cast Iron Weights

  • 400kg (880 lbs) module A
  • 400kg (880 lbs) module B
  • 600kg (1320 lbs) module A
  • 600kg (1320 lbs) module B
  • 800kg (1760 lbs) module B

What our customers say

Green Diamond

"My dealings with Frontlink and all their staff have been excellent.
At our branch we mainly purchase Zuidberg front hitches and PTO’s for use in municipal snow removal applications mounted on John Deere tractors. Peter and his staff have been great to deal with and have helped us quickly and efficiently with any issues that have arrived. They help us promote the offerings by standing behind the product and addressing any issues quickly and satisfactorily.
I wouldn’t hesitate to promote their products to anyone."

Bryson Parson, Branch Manager, Green Diamond Equipment, Halifax, Nova Scotia January 10, 2019