Front Hitch



  • The Front Hitch comes standard with a lift frame, cylinders, 2 arms, Toplink, multivalve, 2 hydraulic lines and all bolts, nuts etc.
  • The Front Hitch Can be ordered with Cat 1 and or Cat 3 arms as well (This is an additional order/customer order).
  • The cylinders are double acting. With the multivalve supplied in the kit, the user can switch over the cylinders from double acting to single acting or lock out the front hitch altogether.
  • The front hitch arms when in working position can be locked into fixed position when in use by a pin on each arm, This position would be used when working in ground engaging applications.
  • The front hitch arms also can be put into a free floating position by a pin, and independent of each arm.
  • This would allow you to work in uneven terrain with a mower, vegetable topper, or row crop cultivator (scuffler) etc. This would give a free play in each arm independent of each other, of approx 2 – 2.5 inches of up and down movement. Lift Cylinder