General Information


General Information (On Tile Drain Cleaners)

Homburg Drain Cleaners are Safe to use on plastic or clay tiles because of there low water pressure at 35 bars (435psi). HPE hose (up to 500metres long) is pushed into the drain – Tile  while the unique nozzle washes and cleans the dirt or  sediment and flushed it out of the drain. Many Conventional systems are still using a pressure of around 100bars (1450psi), often damaging the structure around the tile or the tile itself. Homburg Tile Drain Cleaners prevents this from happening and keeps your tiles free from Damage.

What our customers say

I’m very impressed with the Einböck Rowguard. It sure takes the stress out of cultivating.

Derek Beishuizen, Ripley, ON August 7, 2020

Paul DesRosiers

I have worked together with Frontlink over the last 2 years as I have transitioned to organic farming. Their expertise and fast response has helped me tremendously. The Einbock line of products is of quality construction and does the job it is expected to do. The Rowguard camera guidance system is excellent and I would wholeheartedly recommend both Einbock and Frontlink to anyone currently farming organically or considering transitioning to organic.

Paul DesRosiers March 5, 2020

We bought our Einbock Seeder from Frontlink after buying a used Einbock tine weeder from a neighbor when we started transitioning to organic agriculture. The support from Frontlink has been excellent. They delivered the product on time with no surprises and the Einbock seeder has surpassed our expectations. We have called them for support on a couple of occasions and they have proven to be very knowledgeable. Recently, we adapted the seeder to a Hiniker row-crop cultivator and had some technical questions. Once again, Frontlink helped us even though it was not an Einbock cultivator.

Andre Houle, Ferme Houle Farm October 28, 2019