Waltersheid Weld on Hooks and Balls


Walterscheid Weld on Hooks and Balls

  • The Walterscheid weld on rear hooks and Balls can be purchased seperately to weld onto the rear bottom 2 Links of any tractor.
  • These are a quick connect system used to save time by placing the balls in the pins and having the pins already placed in the implement. The operator can conveniently back up the tractor lift the rear 3pt hitch and the balls will snap inside the Walterscheid hooks.
  • From there the toplink link can be connected and the implement is completely connected. The same quickness goes for disconnecting. The Walterscheid hooks come in Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3L, Cat 3 and Cat 4. The Walterscheid balls come in Cat 1-Hole 1, Cat 2-Hole-2, Cat 3-Hole 2, Cat 3-Hole 3, Cat 4.