Important Updates from Einbock

NEW Brochures & Handbooks

New Einbock brochures SPORTSTAR, ROTARYSTAR, WEEDING TECHNOLOGY (incl. AEROSTAR-FUSION), HEOING TECHNOLOGY (incl. CHOPSTAR-PRIME & -VERSO), SEEDING & FERTILIZING and the entire PRODUCT PROGRAMM have been updated. Furthermore, Einbock proudly presents its new 100% RELIABILITY image brochure.

Download the new Einbock handbooks, brochures and technical data sheets here.

NEW: CHOPSTAR-PRIME product page

On the new CHOPSTAR-PRIME product page, you can find all the information and data about Einbock’s premium row-crop cultivator. You can also watch the brand new “technical check” with spectacular shots made by the famous Austrian agricultural YouTuber “Agropictures”.

Visit the product page here.

NEW: Band spraying with the JUMBO-STREAM

The new JUMBO-STREAM front tank for liquids combined with Einbock’s CHOPSTAR row-crop cultivators allows efficient mechanical weed control thanks to simultaneous band spraying and fertilization!

Learn more here.