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Breaking News: Frontlink Announces Big Einböck Innovations for Canadian Organic Farmers

Whether you are a Canadian organic farmer or a conventional farmer, you must know about Einböck. This Austrian business offers the best mechanical weed control and tillage equipment with experience based on research and development for over 70 years. This fall, Einböck has announced upgrades to its stellar lineup of equipment that will help to make the lives of Canadian farmers better in every way. 

Highlights from the innovation report include:

Aerostar–Fusion – Einböck is expanding its weeding technology product program with a new precision tined weeder.

Chopstar–Prime – One of the most modern row-crop cultivators currently available on the market.

Chopstar–Verso – Special row-crop cultivator for efficient and fast hoeing.

Jumbo–Seed – The pneumatic front tank with up to four seeding units can be combined with many different machines.

Chopstar–Seeder – Specially designed row crop seeder that uses double-disc or suffolk coulters.

Learn more about what Einböck has in store for organic farmers in 2022 at their webpage devoted to these exciting developments:

Learn more about Einböck and its many benefits on our webpage dedicated to equipment assisting Canadian organic farmers.

Do you have questions about Einböck and would like to talk with a Canadian Einböck distributor who understands the needs of Canadian farmers? Contact Frontlink’s product specialists right now.

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