New front linkage system for Claas Arion -serie (STAGE 5)

Claas ARION 400-serie (STAGE 5)

410 – 420 – 430 – 440 – 450 – 460 – 470

Product advantages

  • Compact attachment and maximum ground clearance
  • Seamless integration into tractor design
  • Front linkage is adjustable as single-acting, double-acting and transport position by means of the multi-valve supplied as standard
  • Maximum engine power transferable via PTO
  • PTO shaft always rotates 60 degrees for maximum coupling ease
  • PTO ramp-up time infinitely adjustable by using ‘PACE’ controller

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The Handbook of Grassland Care

After the great success of our “Handbook of Organic Farming”, we have once again summarized our knowledge and experience. We not only have decades of experience in organic farming, we also know what it takes to manage grassland successfully and sustainably!

Just in time for the start of the season, we present now our: “HANDBOOK OF GRASSLAND MANAGEMENT”!


Problems and solutions

The handbook deals extensively with various stress factors, reasons for damaging the turf in summer & fall and incorrect management practices. Many tips for solving these problems are explained comprehensively and in a practical manner.

Maintenance & reseeding of grassland

Periodic reseeding or rehabilitation? Which measure suits which type of grassland – the handbook describes the various maintenance measures in detail. In this way successfully grassland management is guaranteed. 

Practical examples – Data | Facts | Figures

In the end, it’s the yield that counts: We have used various practical examples to calculate when reseeding is profitable and how much additional yield you can achieve within a very short period of time. In addition, we executed a year-long test and monitored the increase in milk production based on proper grassland management – a really exciting calculation!

Set yourself the goal of increasing the yield of your grassland and find out about the best practice to achieve it now! Because only FARM POWER guarantees your success!

We are looking forward to receiving your success story in the future!

Weeding of Cereals in Spring

Weeding in winter cereals
As soon as the soil is dry enough in spring, the first weeding operation can be done in winter cereals. Attention: patience is required here; it should be really dry! Weeding in spring with the AEROSTAR family has some advantages: Breaking the crust in spring ensures the soil is aerated and warms up faster. This means the vegetation can start earlier, the stalk develops better and tillering is stimulated. If the soil is very hard and crusted, a rotary hoe ROTARYSTAR can be used before weeding. After working with the ROTARYSTAR the soil is crumbly and therefore optimal for the next weeding pass. After the first operation, weeding can be carried out up to a crop height of 30-40 cm, if necessary. So you mobilise nutrients, control late-germinating weeds and prevent diseases, as well as create well-balanced growth conditions for the crop and microorganisms.

No weeding when there is a risk of frost!

For weeding in Spring, it is important to make sure that no late frosts during night are expected a few days after weeding. Weeding reduces frost resistance of the crop and therefore it can have a bad effect on the plants when there is frost some days after the weeding.

Einbock Seed Drill Campaign


Special offer on our pneumatic seeding box with electric drive and control terminal for professional distribution.

Ideally suited for seeding of cover crops or reseeding.

We have summarized the Hard Facts for you:

  • • Working width: 6 m
  • • Designed, constructed and produced by Einböck
  • • Simple & colored menu navigation
  • • Individual setting options
  • • Perfect assembly on Einböck-machines
  • • Seed roller can be changed without tools
  • • Automatic calibration test
  • • Robust steel tank and substructure

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Case PUMA – Serie (stage 5) 150 – 165

  • • Full engine power transferable with standard PTO
  • • Maximum ground clearance is fully retained
  • • Maximum steering angle is fully retained

Steyr Impuls CVT (stage 5) 6150 – 6165 – 6175

  • • Short mounting due to highly compact construction
  • • Maximum ground clearance is fully retained
  • • Maximum steering angle is fully retained
  • • Full engine power transferable with standard PTO

Front PTO available for CLAAS AXION (stage 5)

  • • Full engine power transferable
  • • Output shaft can always be rotated over 60 degrees for maximum ease of connection
  • • PTO clutch engagement time variable to ensure smooth engagement

Join us for Einbock Online Training – Fusion Farming

This year we want to offer some special training lessons. Therefore we have something special for you – the “FUSION FARMING” – Online Training.

We feel these online-training sessions will be a good opportunity for you to re-new the knowledge about our technology and machinery. Therefore we are very much looking forward to your registration for the sessions!

The online training will take place on the following dates:

Dates “Fusion Farming” – Training
03.12. & 17.12.2020 Effective & Successful with weeder and row crop cultivator
15.12. & 23.12.2020 Grassland care – Increase forage quality, secure grassland yield
19.12. & 30.12.2020 We are Einböck – our success story

Registration is quick and easy at the following link: www.einboeck.at/en/training

New Front Linkage for Massey Ferguson 3000 Series

  • • Front linkage can be set to a single-acting, double-acting and transport position with the multi-valve supplied as standard
  • • Includes removable linkage arms with a transport, fixed and oscillation setting
  • • Front linkage is supplied with a top link, balls and towing hook
  • • Output shaft can always be rotated over 60 degrees for maximum ease of connection
  • • PTO clutch engagement time variable to ensure smooth engagement

We’re Partnering with Dan at Konzelmann Farms!

Frontlink is excited to work in collaboration with Dan Konzelmann of Konzelmann Farms in Wyoming ON, to offer reputable, reliable mechanical weed control equipment for organic farmers across Ontario. Dan is well recognized within the organic farming community and also farms 2150 acres certified organic since transitioning to organic farming in 1999. #EinbockEquipment #ForwardThinking

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