Einbock Newsletter July 2023

Dear Einböck Partner,

Our hoeing technology configurator has been updated. Your practical experience with our red machines are requested and we have also published brand new 360° videos – Enjoy!

Kind regards from the Innviertel in Upper Austria,
Yours Sandra from the Einböck Marketing Team


News from our hoeing configurator
From now on, ridge and bed crops can be displayed graphically. Furthermore, a second row spacing and a second number of rows can be entered. In addition, as of now the tractor tire width is shown to scale in the graphic.
You must be registered on our EPAN (Einböck Partner Network) to use the configurator.


Share your practical experience now
If you have customers who would like to share their successful practical experiences with EINBÖCK red technology with us and fellow farmers, then that’s exactly what we’re looking for! We urge you to send our online form to these “premium customers”!


Experience Einböck machines up close now
You want to experience our machines as if you were sitting directly on them? Our 360° videos are now available and allow yourself to be transported right into the middle of the action of the red Einböck stars.
Attention: Only possible on desktop or in the YouTube app.
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