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Einböck: Partner Newsletter February 2022

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Discover our new folder “The Einböck weeding technology – an overview”, which will help you find the right Einböck weeder in the future and keep up to date with the latest product information. From now on CARBIDE METAL SWEEPS for row-crop cultivators are available. Furthermore, we are pleased about the expansion of our sales team for Scandinavia.

The Einböck weeding technology – an overview

Our new “The Einböck weeding technology – an overview” folder will make it easier for you to find the right harrow among our 9 different models in the future.

Spare parts information: Carbide metal sweep CHOPSTAR

From now on CARBIDE METAL SWEEPS for row-crop cultivators are available. You can find more information in the new spare parts information.

Product info: Control module for manual steering 14-457

A control module for manual steering of row-crop cultivators is available. You can find more information in the new product info.

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