FarmDroid Newsletter June 2022

FarmDroid Newsletter August 2022

Meet Andrea! 💚

Andrea is a part of our FarmDroid Care team, which takes care of support and service for our customers and distributors. She joined the FarmDroid family at the beginning of 2022 and has already gained a lot of technical knowledge. With her structural mindset she is a great asset to the team. Watch the video with Andrea where she talks about how it is to work at FarmDroid.

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Farm robots and farm machines: How they affect the soil’s ecosystem

Modern farm machines are becoming heavier and heavier, damaging the delicate ecosystem of the soil. We put a lot of pressure on the soil with our heavy farm machines and their enormous weight is squeezing the life out of the deeper soil layers, potentially reducing plant growth and thus crop yields across the globe.

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What do we use our test field for?

FarmDroid has a test field at Ravnholtgaard in Vejen. As a part of Rural Impact Hub, a unique and versatile development environment for AgTech companies, we have been provided a test field close to our headquarters. Watch our CTO and co-founder, Jens Warming, and learn how we use the field.

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