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FarmDroid Newsletter July 2023

The longest journey: FarmDroid has arrived in Australia

The innovative Danish robot manufacturer FarmDroid enters a new market after selling the first robots to Australia.

With Australia being the 21st country to now have FarmDroids taking care of seeding and weeding of various crops it marks a great milestone for the agtech company founded in Denmark by two brothers from a family of farmers.

– We are incredibly proud to announce that we have sold the first robots to Australia. It is a major milestone for us to enter the Australian market, says Regional Sales Manager Simon Georgsen from FarmDroid.

The growing agricultural production in Australia is a good match for a FarmDroid. Especially in vegetables where a FarmDroid field robot will be able to take care of seeding and keeping the field clean from weeds.

– At FarmDroid we see a lot of potential in the Australian market. Australia’s main crops includes vegetables and here we see the FarmDroid fit in very well. Our field robot can help solve many of the challenges that the Australian farmers face with respect to labor shortage, inflation, and rising costs. Moreover, we are proud that we are now at a place where we can support the farmers in Australia says Simon Georgsen.

Is it time to upgrade with robots?
Worldwide demands for renewable energy, rising energy prices, economic uncertainties, labor issues and an intensified focus on sustainable crop production have urged farmers to consider alternative means of farming. All over the world farmers are becoming more aware of innovative and automated farming solutions, such as robotics and drone technology.

The FarmDroid is an autonomous field robot. The robot is fully solar powered, and thus sustainable in its operation. It takes care of both seeding and weeding in more than 30 different crops, reducing the need for manual labor drastically. Given its light weight it also helps preserve the soil’s delicate ecosystem. In this way, the robot addresses many of the farmer’s contemporary challenges with energy costs, environmental factors, and lack of labor.

New partnership with Field Capacity
As a part of entering the Australian market, FarmDroid has teamed up with the experienced Field Capacity Australia Pty Ltd. Based near Devonport in Tasmania’s beautiful Northwest, Field Capacity has focused on improving Australian agricultural practices for generations. Their vision is to help improve the health of the soil and ensure outstanding food quality for future generations. Since they are supportive of new and innovative agricultural solutions and already have partnerships with several European companies, including Garford, Forigo and Horstine, they were an excellent match for FarmDroid.

– We are excited about our new partnership with FarmDroid. We’ve been in dialogue with FarmDroid for quite some time, but many things had to fall into place before we could officially announce the partnership. In the end of March, we visited FarmDroid in Denmark. It was a great experience to meet the team and learn more about the product. After the trip to Denmark, we feel well-equipped to sell FarmDroid robots in Australia. We truly believe that there’s a strong market for FarmDroid in Australia. We look forward to the future collaboration with FarmDroid” says owner of Field Capacity, Len Dixon.

The longest journey ever
The robots from FarmDroid are going on their longest journey ever. In the end of April, a container with 2 robots was shipped to Australia from the FarmDroid headquarter in Vejen, Denmark. The travel from Denmark to Australia takes 8 weeks. The robots arrived by ship in Australia June 26.
The first Australian robots will be working in different vegetables, such as onions, salad, and kale.


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Regional Sales Manager, Simon Georgsen
Email: sge@ƒarmdroid.dk
Phone: +45 2113 7722
Field Capacity
Owner, Len Dixon
Email: fieldcapacityaustralia@y7mail.com
Phone: +61 400 456 131

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