Einbock Newsletter March 2023

Dear farmer,
dear Einböck friends & agricultural machinery enthusiasts,

in this newsletter we will give you tips for the upcoming grassland season, inform you about weeding in winter cereals as well as about the ideal cultivation of sports fields with the sports field & lawn weeder SPORTSTAR.

Best regards from Austria,
Your Team Einböck

Sports field & lawn weeder SPORTSTAR

For strong tee shots on the golf course and sharp shots on the soccer field, you need a perfect lawn – ideally suited for this purpose is the Einböck SPORTSTAR.

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The grassland season started!

With the right technology and measures, regain energetic grassland, increase yield and the quality of silage. We give you 4 helpful tips for the grassland season!

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Weeding of cereals in spring

As soon as the soil is dry enough in spring, the first weeding operation can be done in winter cereals. We have summarized all the advantages of weeding in spring and the points to consider in our news article.

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