CHOPSTAR-HYBRID Inter-row Crop Cultivator

Chopstar Hybrid

The CHOPSTAR-HYBRID inter-row crop cultivator with horizontal discs is the perfect solution for hoeing in mulch-till. Based on the proven CHOPSTAR hoeing frame there are ­ at discs mounted to the hoeing section that can rotate freely. The diameter is adapted to the desired row spacing. These discs cut through the soil just below the surface. They harm the roots of the weeds respectively hoe the weed just below the soil surface and below the mulch layer. High-gauge wheels are mounted in front of the discs. They cut the soil and the mulch layer vertically to guarantee a smooth operation without any clogging.

It is also the first choice for hoeing in special crops, in vegetables and in crops with a lot of green mass because it operates below the leaves and doesn’t harm the crop. The ­ at discs and the cutting high-gauge wheels prevent a clogging also in fields with a high amount of weed, as it could happen with conventional tines. This guarantees a perfect hoeing result.

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