Einbock Chopstar Twin Row Cultivator

New concept of hoeing—CHOPSTAR-TWIN

The CHOPSTAR-TWIN is a row-crop cultivator which allows working with much higher precision because the hoeing elements are positioned above the crop row.

Einböck, the cultivation-technology specialist with decades of experience, set another milestone in the technology for mechanical weed control. Instead of positioning the hoeing elements between the crop rows, the CHOPSTAR-TWIN was developed for exact hoeing by putting the hoe element above the row. The major advantage of this new Einböck row-crop cultivator is that it can be used in very young crops and in extremely close distance to the rows. The hoeing parallelogram doesn’t work between the rows like on classic hoes but is placed directly above the row. The hoeing width can be precisely adjusted by means of angle-adjustable cutting discs in combination with following angle knives. Two Farmflex wheels running close to the plant row guarantee an exact depth guidance of the elements. The thin, unworked hoeing belt can be further treated with a finger hoe on the row-crop cultivator or in a second pass with the AEROSTAR-EXACT precision tined weeder. This ensures complete weed control over the entire surface.

The wide range of adjustable row spacings up to 75 cm enables the CHOPSTAR-TWIN to be used in a various crops from cereals, soybeans, beets to vegetables, etc. This new hoeing-system is even predestined for special crops. Ideally, the CHOPSTAR-TWIN is combined with the automatic camera steering system ROW-GUARD. The new camera system and side shift frame enable early, fast and, above all, accurate hoeing. After intensive and very successful tests on the company’s own testing fields, pre-serial production starts now.

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