Einbock Row Guard Camera System

More efficient hoeing with the new ROW-GUARD camera steering system

The most important aspect of mechanical weeding in row crops is to get with the hoe shares as near as possible to the crops without harming it. Tools that are working between the plants in the row like e.g. the finger hoe have to get very close to or already in the row. The more exact you can work to the crops the higher can be the possible working speed. 

Besides the advantage of the higher working accuracy and the full-surface weeding in combination with a finger hoe you can also increase the yield. Because you can reach working speeds of up to 15 km/h more area can be weeded in shorter time and better quality. The driver doesn´t get tired, he only has to take care of staying in the lane.


More efficient hoeing with the new ROW-GUARD camera steering system

The ROW-GUARD camera steering system guides hoes precisely, even in high speed. Via a control unit in the tractor cabin the precision guidance system can be adjusted comfortably. The picture captured by the camera is being analysed on spots with a high concentration of green pixel. With help of the available information about row configuration of the crop (row spacing, number of rows, etc.) a raster is put on top of the picture. This data builds the basis for the information provided to the offset frame which guides the hoe exactly in between the rows.


Special features of the ROW-GURAD:

» Color mode (green/blue, green/yellow, red)

» 3D-Mode (recognition of crop rows due to different height)

» Recognition of different row structures (single or multiple rows)

» Automatic recognition of camera height and angle (via 3D-mode)

» Integrated chart for recommended camera height

» Automatic switching of offset

» Saving of settings

Technical data of the ROW-GUARD:

» Sideshift-frame with total offset of 500 mm

» Upper and lower links guided on both sides

» Upper and lower links equipped with hardened bushings

» Quick couplers for quick changing of the inter-row crop cultivator

» Guidance shafts made from high-strength, coated metal for minimised wear and tear

» Camera with 2 vertically placed, high definition lenses with different exposure for improved operation in changing light conditions

» Holder for camera for Einböck hoes

» Wheel sensor with holder and cable (length 3 m) suitable for the stabilising wheels of the Row-Guard

» Sensor on the upper link to determine the position of the 3 point linkage

» Control unit with touchscreen und integrated video-monitor and universalholder for the tractor cab



Cat-whiskers: For sensing a crop row (row-distance > 35 cm; 13.8”)

Supports the Row-Guard shortly before or after row closure


More information: https://www.einboeck.at/en/row-guard

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