Einböck Newsletter November 2023

Einböck: New Seeding Boom | Our WhatsApp Channel | Side shift Frame & Its Benefits | New Wear Parts Catalog

Dear farmers, Dear Einböck fans,
and agricultural machinery enthusiasts,

in this Einböck newsletter we provide you with a brief overview of our latest novelties, including products, news articles, catalogs, etc. Be prepared for exciting technological advancements, informative handbooks, and captivating product developments!

Greetings from Austria, and enjoy exploring,
Your Einböck Team


New seeding boom for the P-BOX seeders now available!

To meet new agricultural demands, we now offer a new seeding boom for our pneumatic seeder.

For the New Seeding Boom



NEW: Einböck WhatsApp Channel
Get news DIRECTLY on your phone with the brand-new Einböck WhatsApp channel. Subscribe to our WhatsApp channel to receive exclusive insights and real-time news firsthand.
Important: You must have the WhatsApp app installed on your smartphone.
A side shift frame & its benefits
The ROW-GUARD camera steering system precisely guides row-crop cultivators along row crops using a side shift frame. The top benefits of it are summarized here!
New Wear-parts catalog
Our brand-new wear-parts catalog is here to meet your needs. With a comprehensive selection of high-quality parts, we offer optimal solutions for a variety of applications, ensuring the durability and reliability of your red machines.
Einböck GmbH
Schatzdorf 7
4751 Dorf an der Pram
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Zuidberg Newsletter November 2023

Word from the management

This year we highly focused on having our delivery performance back to what our customers were used to. For this, above-average focus on internal logistics and production was the main issue and looking at the actual situation, fortunately we can conclude that we have succeeded. With delivery times of 4 to 5 weeks for linkages and PTO’s and a proper base stock of end products, we head for 2024 with full confidence, kicking off with the AgriTechnica!

A smooth flow of production and logistics can be seen in our production facilities and with a reduction of lead times, we are happy to see an increase of orders. In spite of a change in the economy in several countries, we are cautiously positive about the developments for next year. Last but not least a healthy customer relationship is of utmost importance. For this we will continue our efforts and trust to be able to add more value to your business for the coming years.

We are looking forward to a successful Agritechnica and hope to welcome you at our booth. Secondly we wish you happy holidays and a wonderful 2024!

Klaas Jan Bijker, Commercial Director

Pricing 2024
We are pleased to announce that, thanks to our strict procurement procedures and favorable raw material costs, we will not be implementing any price increases for the foreseeable future. Therefore, our existing price lists will remain in effect from January 1st 2024 . In the coming weeks you will receive a link to download the actual price lists, also valid from January 1st 2024. Our terms and conditions for sales and delivery remains unchanged and can be downloaded from our website.
New website and Article Selector in 2024
We are pleased to announce that early 2024, our new website will be live and available to all our customers. This new website has been designed with the ultimate user experience in mind, based on the principle of the ‘customer journey.’
What can you expect from our new website? A refreshing and contemporary design that is not only visually appealing but also functional and intuitive. We have listened to your feedback and made the site more user-friendly and easier to navigate, whether you are accessing it on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
Our article selector and spare part selector have also been completely redesigned, making it even easier to find the right frontlinkage, PTO, accessories and spare parts, regardless of whether you are using it on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. The redesigned interface ensures a seamless and efficient search experience.
The ‘customer journey’ principle was at the forefront of the new site’s development. We aim to make your interaction with our products and services as smooth as possible. From the initial contact to the final purchase, our website will guide you step by step, allowing you to navigate effortlessly and find the information you need.
We are confident that our new website will enhance your online experience with us. Stay tuned for more updates and news about the launch. We look forward to welcoming you to our new website in 2024.
Zuidberg presenting an innovation in PTO technology and a new track system on the AgriTechnica
We cordially invite you to visit our stand at the AgriTechnica trade fair in Hannover, Germany, where Zuidberg will be showcasing its latest innovations and products. This unique opportunity allows you to explore the future of agricultural technology and be a part of our company’s evolution.
This year, we are particularly excited to present you our latest breakthrough in the area of PTO-system in combination with electrically powered vehicles. This innovation represents a significant leap forward in sustainability and efficiency within the agricultural sector. We invite you to experience this groundbreaking product firsthand and discover the benefits it might offer to your customers in the future.
Additionally, we will be presenting an entirely new version of our universal track system, designed to enhance speed and ease of maintenance. This demonstrates our commitment to delivering future-proof solutions for modern agriculture.
Our crew will be present to welcome you at our booth B08 in hall 6. If you already know when you will be visiting the AgriTechnica, please let one of us know. We can already schedule for a chat and/or a coffee if you like!
Winterstop Zuidberg Group of Companies 2023
Zuidberg will be closed from Monday December 25th 2023 until Tuesday January 2nd 2024.
Please take this into account in good time regarding planned orders or (material) requests to our Service Department.
We thank you for your continued loyalty and wish you a prosperous and healthy new year!
Gerben Klungel
T: +31 (0)527 276 159
M: +31 (0)6 83 56 49 83
E: klungel@zuidberg.nl
Zuidberg Group of Companies
We believe that reliable people and products make for success. Committed to our customers and their goals, we continue to innovate and pioneer together.
+31 (0)527 253 550

Einböck Agritechnica Innovations 2023

Einböck Agritechnica Innovations 2023

Professional Grassland Weeder PNEUMATICSTAR-PRO 900

Experience the future of grassland care with the new professional grassland weeder PNEUMATICSTAR-PRO 900! With the 9-meter model, Einböck brings increased power to grassland care without compromising maneuverability and flexibility.

Read more!


The AEROSTAR-FUSION with SMART-CONTROL system takes precision and adjustment reliability to a whole new level. SMART-CONTROL automatically adjusts settings such as tine aggressivity and adapts them to changing soil conditions in the field.

Read more!

Pneumatic Seeding Box P-BOX

The solution for new agricultural requirements: We present the seeding bars for the P-BOX seeder range. This highly flexible front- or rear-mounted implement offers a wide range of applications, from fertilizing to seeding different seed varieties.

Read more!

Quick Adjustment SMART-GRIP for CHOPSTAR-TWIN and -VERSO

The future of hoeing technology: SMART-GRIP quick adjustment for CHOPSTAR-TWIN and -VERSO. This innovative solution enables precise adjustments of the working tools in record time. With a robust 4-way clamp, it offers farmers and contractors an efficient way to save time and flexibly in adapting their row-crop cultivators to different conditions.

Read more!

CHOPSTAR-PRIME with Cutting Discs and Angle Knives

The CHOPSTAR-PRIME reaches a new level with the combination of cutting discs & angle knives. This innovation allows hoeing of crops at earliest stages with impressive precision and speed. Discover how the “VERSO” equipment extends the benefits of the CHOPSTAR-PRIME and provides you with unbeatable performance.

Read more!


New front linkage system for New Holland T5 S -serie (STAGE 5)

New front linkage system for New Holland T5 S-serie (STAGE 5)



T5 S -serie (STAGE 5)

5.90S – 5.100S




Product Advantages

  • Front linkage is integrated into the tractor frame and prepared for additional service lines and a power connection
  • Maximum steering angle and ground clearance are maintained
  • Optional side support for heavy-duty applications
  • PTO ramp-up time infinitely adjustable by using ‘PACE’ controller



Zuidberg Group of Companies

We are convinced that reliable people and products ensure succes. Committed to our customers and their goals, we keep innovating together and dare to pioneer.



+31 (0)527 253 550



FarmDroid Newsletter October 2023 – AgInfluencer Marie Hoffman tests a FarmDroid


Marie Hoffmann is a German AgInfluencer and farmer. She is currently testing a FarmDroid on her farm in Lippetal, Germany. The purpose of testing the robot is to figure out if it can make farming more effective.

See her post with FarmDroid here

Testing a field robot

Farmer and influencer Marie Hoffmann is testing a FarmDroid robot on her farm in Lippetal, Germany. It is the first time she is using the robot. She uses it to grow canola. By testing the robot, she wants to figure out if it can make the cultivation of canola more effective.

Normally Marie would seed canola with a seed drill, however, this is not very precise. The robot allows her to seed extremely precise. With the robot she can seed the canola with exactly 10 cm distance between each seed. The precise seeding means that the plant roots have better space in the ground and, thus, they get better access to both water and soil nutrients. Moreover, the precise seeding means that the space in the soil is optimally used, and the plants do not have to compete when growing. A better water exploitation means a lot for the plants growth. Particularly in the summer period when they have only little water available. In this way, they can take better advantage of the water and the nutrients in the soil.

Canola seeded with exactly 10 cm distance

Marie is a conventional farmer. It is one of the first times that a FarmDroid robot is working in conventional canola. The goal with testing the robot in conventional canola is to reduce the manual workload and save both seeds and pesticides. She is excited to test the robot and see how it works. The entire experiment is documented by Marie on her social media channels.

Initial thoughts on the FarmDroid

Marie is testing the robot with critical eyes. She is always critical when testing new technology. It is important for her to give her honest opinion.

One of the things that Marie notices when using the robot is the importance of the field preparation. Since the robot is lightweight and has quite narrow tires, it needs well-prepared seed beds to work optimally in the soil.

There are many advantages of the robot. Marie really likes that the robot is fully autonomous and, therefore, it can work by itself. It is great that she does not have to supervise it. While the robot works in the field she can look after other tasks. She can keep an eye on robot’s work on the FarmDroid app, which she has installed on her phone.

Marie shares her initial thoughts on the FarmDroid

Who is Marie Hoffmann?

Marie Hoffmann is a 26-year-old farmer and influencer. Besides her work as a farmer and her prominent role as AgInfluencer, she is working on her master’s degree in agribusiness. She is particularly interested in uniting modern agriculture with wildlife-, environmental- and climate protection.

In Lippetal, Germany, she works on a farm with 120 hectares – 100 hectares is used for arable farming and 20 hectares is forest. On the farm, Marie is mainly responsible for the arable farming.

She is interested in on deploying modern technology on the farm. She has a clear mission. She wants to look into the future and adapt the farm practices to the challenges of our time. For this reason, she is dedicated to experimenting in the field and testing new technology.

AgInfluencer – what does that entail?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, an influencer is “someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave”. In other words, it is a person that has a lot of influence over his or her followers. An AgInfluencer has influence over the agricultural industry.

With her 508.000 Instagram followers Marie is a major AgInfluencer. She has a prominent voice in the agricultural industry. For her it is not important to influence the public formation of opinion. On the other hand, she wants to educate her followers as extensively as possible on the subjects she touches upon, so that everyone can form their own opinion.

Stoll Demo Program 2023

Limited Time Offer: Elevate Your Sales with Stoll Loaders and KMW Buckets – Valid Until September 30, 2023!

Dear Sales Team,

We hope this email finds you well. At Frontlink Inc, we are excited to introduce our highly efficient and versatile Stoll Loaders with KMW Buckets, designed to empower your sales efforts and help your customers revolutionize their agricultural operations.

Stoll Loaders with KMW Buckets offer exceptional performance, durability, and a range of innovative features that make them the ideal choice for farmers seeking efficiency and versatility. By offering these dynamic equipment combinations to your customers, you can showcase the benefits and help them boost their productivity.

Introducing the Stoll Demo Program with KMW Buckets!

*Offered for most tractor makes and models*

Key Benefits of Stoll Loaders with KMW Buckets:

  1. Superior Strength and Durability: The KMW Buckets, integrated with our Stoll Loaders, are built with high-quality materials and advanced engineering. This ensures their longevity and ability to withstand the toughest farm environments, providing your customers with reliable equipment that lasts.

  2. Efficient Material Handling: The combination of Stoll Loaders and KMW Buckets enables quick and efficient handling of loose materials such as gravel, soil, feed, and more. Your customers can experience smooth loading, unloading, and transport, saving them valuable time and effort.

  3. Customizable Options: Our Stoll Loaders with KMW Buckets offer a range of customizable options to suit your customers’ specific needs:

    • Bucket Sizes: Tailor the bucket size to match the volume and weight of the materials they handle, ensuring optimal efficiency for their farm tasks.

    • Bucket Types: Provide various bucket types, including general-purpose buckets, silage buckets, and manure forks, to cater to different applications and farm requirements.

  1. Quick Attach System: The Stoll Loaders feature the innovative Quick Attach system, enabling seamless attachment changes. This allows your customers to switch between bucket types or other compatible attachments effortlessly, maximizing their equipment’s versatility.

  2. Operator Comfort and Ease of Use: Our Stoll Loaders are designed with operator comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic controls, and intuitive operation. The combination with KMW Buckets ensures smooth and precise movements, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing productivity.

By offering Stoll Loaders with KMW Buckets, you can provide your customers with reliable and versatile equipment that meets their diverse agricultural needs. This strategic offering can differentiate your dealership and help your sales team cater to a wider range of customer requirements.

To demonstrate the efficiency and versatility of Stoll Loaders with KMW Buckets, we invite you to participate in our exclusive Stoll Loader Demo program! Through this program, you can experience firsthand how these equipment combinations excel in various farm tasks and witness their impact on productivity.

Benefits of the Stoll Loader Demo program:

  1. Personalized Demonstrations: Our expert team will visit your dealership to work with the sales team on the demonstration of the Stoll Loaders fitted with KMW Buckets. You and your sales team can experience how this combination handles different materials and farm tasks, enabling you to effectively showcase their capabilities to customers.

  2. Hands-On Experience: Get hands-on experience by operating the Stoll Loader with KMW Bucket yourself. Our team will guide you through its features and functionalities, providing valuable insights that can be shared with potential customers.

  3. Customized Solutions: During the demo, we’ll discuss the unique requirements of your customers and recommend the most suitable Stoll Loader models, KMW Bucket sizes, and types to optimize their productivity and efficiency.

  4. Exclusive Pricing Offers: As a participant in our demo program, you and your dealership can access special pricing offers on Stoll Loaders with KMW Buckets. This enables you to provide your customers with competitive pricing while offering high-quality equipment.

Exclusive Savings Await!

Frontlink Inc is proud to present an exclusive savings opportunity as part of our Stoll Demo Program. By joining us, you will gain access to a 10-month payment plan, with discounts on a sliding scale as follows:

Receive a 5% discount when payment is made in full by the end of the second month from the invoice date.

Receive a 4% discount when payment is made in full by the end of the fourth month from the invoice date.

Receive a 3% discount when payment is made in full by the end of the sixth month from the invoice date.

Receive a 2% discount when payment is made in full by the end of the eighth month from the invoice date.

Receive a 1% discount when payment is made in full by the end of the tenth month from the invoice date.

Don’t miss out on this offer! Valid until September 30, 2023.

Ready to Join the Stoll Demo Program?

Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity! Enhance your sales efforts with Stoll Loaders and KMW Buckets before it’s too late. Contact our team at mweber@frontlinkinc.com or 306-773-0444 to schedule your dealership’s participation in the Stoll Loader Demo program by September 30, 2023.

We look forward to partnering with you and equipping your sales team with the tools they need to succeed.

Together, let’s empower farmers and elevate their agricultural operations to new heights!


Best regards,

Mark Weber

Territory Manager – Zuidberg Specialist | Einböck | STOLL |Homburg | (Western Canada)


Cell: 306-772-0444

FarmDroid Newsletter July 2023

The longest journey: FarmDroid has arrived in Australia

The innovative Danish robot manufacturer FarmDroid enters a new market after selling the first robots to Australia.

With Australia being the 21st country to now have FarmDroids taking care of seeding and weeding of various crops it marks a great milestone for the agtech company founded in Denmark by two brothers from a family of farmers.

– We are incredibly proud to announce that we have sold the first robots to Australia. It is a major milestone for us to enter the Australian market, says Regional Sales Manager Simon Georgsen from FarmDroid.

The growing agricultural production in Australia is a good match for a FarmDroid. Especially in vegetables where a FarmDroid field robot will be able to take care of seeding and keeping the field clean from weeds.

– At FarmDroid we see a lot of potential in the Australian market. Australia’s main crops includes vegetables and here we see the FarmDroid fit in very well. Our field robot can help solve many of the challenges that the Australian farmers face with respect to labor shortage, inflation, and rising costs. Moreover, we are proud that we are now at a place where we can support the farmers in Australia says Simon Georgsen.

Is it time to upgrade with robots?
Worldwide demands for renewable energy, rising energy prices, economic uncertainties, labor issues and an intensified focus on sustainable crop production have urged farmers to consider alternative means of farming. All over the world farmers are becoming more aware of innovative and automated farming solutions, such as robotics and drone technology.

The FarmDroid is an autonomous field robot. The robot is fully solar powered, and thus sustainable in its operation. It takes care of both seeding and weeding in more than 30 different crops, reducing the need for manual labor drastically. Given its light weight it also helps preserve the soil’s delicate ecosystem. In this way, the robot addresses many of the farmer’s contemporary challenges with energy costs, environmental factors, and lack of labor.

New partnership with Field Capacity
As a part of entering the Australian market, FarmDroid has teamed up with the experienced Field Capacity Australia Pty Ltd. Based near Devonport in Tasmania’s beautiful Northwest, Field Capacity has focused on improving Australian agricultural practices for generations. Their vision is to help improve the health of the soil and ensure outstanding food quality for future generations. Since they are supportive of new and innovative agricultural solutions and already have partnerships with several European companies, including Garford, Forigo and Horstine, they were an excellent match for FarmDroid.

– We are excited about our new partnership with FarmDroid. We’ve been in dialogue with FarmDroid for quite some time, but many things had to fall into place before we could officially announce the partnership. In the end of March, we visited FarmDroid in Denmark. It was a great experience to meet the team and learn more about the product. After the trip to Denmark, we feel well-equipped to sell FarmDroid robots in Australia. We truly believe that there’s a strong market for FarmDroid in Australia. We look forward to the future collaboration with FarmDroid” says owner of Field Capacity, Len Dixon.

The longest journey ever
The robots from FarmDroid are going on their longest journey ever. In the end of April, a container with 2 robots was shipped to Australia from the FarmDroid headquarter in Vejen, Denmark. The travel from Denmark to Australia takes 8 weeks. The robots arrived by ship in Australia June 26.
The first Australian robots will be working in different vegetables, such as onions, salad, and kale.


Click for full article

Regional Sales Manager, Simon Georgsen
Email: sge@ƒarmdroid.dk
Phone: +45 2113 7722
Field Capacity
Owner, Len Dixon
Email: fieldcapacityaustralia@y7mail.com
Phone: +61 400 456 131

Verdens første fuldautomatiske så- og lugerobot. Dyrk dine afgrøder CO2-neutralt og få et højere udbytte ved at minimere omkostninger til manuelt arbejde.
Nikolai Tuborg – ntu@farmdroid.dk | Marketing Communication Specialist

Einböck: Company holiday | Red Summer Promotion | Weeding and hoeing potatoes | Investment in process optimization

Dear Farmer, Einböck fan & agricultural technology enthusiast,

we will shortly be on company holiday for 2 weeks (Saturday, 29 July until Tuesday, 15 August 2023). For urgent matters we have a standby duty (MO-FR from 08:00-12:00).

Below you will find our newsletter with current information.

Best regards from Austria and enjoy reading
Your Einböck-Team


Order now and save up to 6% – with the “Red Summer Promotion”
Order Einböck machines early enough to receive it on time for the upcoming season and secure up to 6% early purchase discount at the same time! For more information and conditions, please contact your local Einböck partner.
Weeding and hoeing potatoes
Pinpoint accuracy, adapted to the shape of the ridge, gentle on the crop, but still aggressive against weeds – these are the requirements placed on state-of-the-art tined weeder and hoeing technology. We urge you to take a look at our recommendations for a weed-free potato ridging.


Einböck invests € 2.3 million in process optimisation
After the investments in the plant extension the family-owned company Einböck is now also investing over € 2.3 million in new production facilities in the main plant.
Einböck GmbH
Schatzdorf 7
4751 Dorf an der Pram

+43 7764 6466 0

Einbock Newsletter July 2023

Dear Einböck Partner,

Our hoeing technology configurator has been updated. Your practical experience with our red machines are requested and we have also published brand new 360° videos – Enjoy!

Kind regards from the Innviertel in Upper Austria,
Yours Sandra from the Einböck Marketing Team


News from our hoeing configurator
From now on, ridge and bed crops can be displayed graphically. Furthermore, a second row spacing and a second number of rows can be entered. In addition, as of now the tractor tire width is shown to scale in the graphic.
You must be registered on our EPAN (Einböck Partner Network) to use the configurator.


Share your practical experience now
If you have customers who would like to share their successful practical experiences with EINBÖCK red technology with us and fellow farmers, then that’s exactly what we’re looking for! We urge you to send our online form to these “premium customers”!


Experience Einböck machines up close now
You want to experience our machines as if you were sitting directly on them? Our 360° videos are now available and allow yourself to be transported right into the middle of the action of the red Einböck stars.
Attention: Only possible on desktop or in the YouTube app.
Einböck GmbH
Schatzdorf 7
4751 Dorf an der Pram

+43 7764 6466 0

Einbock Newsletter June 2023

Dear farmer,
dear Einböck friends & agricultural machinery enthusiasts,

We encourage you to take advantage of the “Red Summer Promotion” when buying your new Einböck machine and secure up to 8% early purchase discount. Find out more about our front tank for liquids JUMBO-STREAM and learn more about our hoeing & weeding technology for vegetables and special crops.

PS: Our P-BOX promotion also runs for a few more weeks!

Enjoy reading!

Best regards from Austria,
Your Team Einböck

Order now and save up to 8% – with the “Red Summer Promotion”.

Order Einböck machines early enough to receive it on time for the season and secure up to 8% early purchase discount at the same time! For more information and conditions, please contact your local Einböck partner.

Read more.


JUMBO-STREAM new product page & new brochure

On the new product page of the JUMBO-STREAM or in the new brochure you will find all advantages, information & data of our new front tank for band spraying/fertilizing at a glance.

Read more.

Einböck hoeing & weeding technology for vegetables and special crops

We offer economical, sustainable as well as practical solutions for every condition, crop and farm – that’s how individually configured hoeing & weeding technology from professionals for professionals works. Nine different weeding types and 11 hoeing technology models with many special solutions make the difference in the field!

Read more.

Seeding box campaign 2023

Ready for precise & smooth seeding? Then we have the right solution for you! The pneumatic seeding box
P-BOX-STI with robust plastic tank is now available at a special offer price.

Read more.

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