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Stoll Announces Front Loader Solutions, Frontlink Partnership

Stoll, a global market leader for front loaders, markets products in Western Canada as alternative solutions for cattle ranchers, dairy farmers and cash croppers.

“Our intent is to give the customer another option, especially for after-market loaders,” says Shannon Peelow, Stoll’s North America product manager.

As Germany’s largest front-end loader manufacturer, and the second largest in the world, Stoll has been turning out front loaders since 1964.

The Stoll advantage lies in its specialization in loaders and loader attachments, compared to firms that no longer produce loaders or that give them lesser attention than other products they sell.

Stoll develops, produces and retails three front loader lines: ProfiLine, Solid, and CompactLine, partly under its own brand and partly as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner for tractor builders.


Stoll loaders are made from fine grain steel to produce a slim front loader with high torsional rigidity and stability. These loaders offer extremely high lifting capacity and height values, and their Z-kinematics and optimally positioned cross tubes provide drivers with optimal views of the implement. For maintenance work, owners only require a commercially available wrench to access the lines.

Stoll offers a variety of loader control options and features, including return-to-level, rapid emptying, and re-scooping, so users can work with greater efficiency.

Its loaders also fit a high range of tractors, from vintage all the way up to current models of all major brands, says Peelow. Stoll’s various front loader models also fit tractors from 15 to more than 300 hp. 

One of Western Canada’s implements of choice is the round bale grapple, also known as the grapple bucket. That is a product Stoll developed and has sold in the U.S. Midwest for decades. Stoll now offers REAL3 Live 3rd function to operate it.

“With those products, we now have the ability to better serve the dealers and customers in Western Canada,” Peelow says. 


Stoll recently named Frontlink as its new distribution partner in the region.

“We sought out a distributor that has a dedicated territory manager for Western Canada and can better serve dealers from a customer service and sales standpoint,” says Peelow.

Frontlink was looking to partner with another European manufacturer to add to its product lines and synchronize with lines it already sells and promotes. This allows it to offer more products to its customer base.

“Frontlink only distributes some of the highest quality European brands, and Stoll places the highest demands on quality and functionality,” says John Froese, Frontlink’s Western Canada territory manager.

“They don’t want to just meet your expectations; they want to exceed them. The Stoll brand also fits in well as an additional line to the Front Hitch/PTO systems we currently sell and promote and works well with our company product portfolio.”

For more information on the line of Stoll products now available through Frontlink, please visit

www.frontlinkinc.com/brands/stoll, or call 1-877-553-2524.

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