Grassland Care

The Handbook of Grassland Care

After the great success of our “Handbook of Organic Farming”, we have once again summarized our knowledge and experience. We not only have decades of experience in organic farming, we also know what it takes to manage grassland successfully and sustainably!

Just in time for the start of the season, we present now our: “HANDBOOK OF GRASSLAND MANAGEMENT”!


Problems and solutions

The handbook deals extensively with various stress factors, reasons for damaging the turf in summer & fall and incorrect management practices. Many tips for solving these problems are explained comprehensively and in a practical manner.

Maintenance & reseeding of grassland

Periodic reseeding or rehabilitation? Which measure suits which type of grassland – the handbook describes the various maintenance measures in detail. In this way successfully grassland management is guaranteed. 

Practical examples – Data | Facts | Figures

In the end, it’s the yield that counts: We have used various practical examples to calculate when reseeding is profitable and how much additional yield you can achieve within a very short period of time. In addition, we executed a year-long test and monitored the increase in milk production based on proper grassland management – a really exciting calculation!

Set yourself the goal of increasing the yield of your grassland and find out about the best practice to achieve it now! Because only FARM POWER guarantees your success!

We are looking forward to receiving your success story in the future!

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