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Weeding of Cereals in Spring

Weeding in winter cereals
As soon as the soil is dry enough in spring, the first weeding operation can be done in winter cereals. Attention: patience is required here; it should be really dry! Weeding in spring with the AEROSTAR family has some advantages: Breaking the crust in spring ensures the soil is aerated and warms up faster. This means the vegetation can start earlier, the stalk develops better and tillering is stimulated. If the soil is very hard and crusted, a rotary hoe ROTARYSTAR can be used before weeding. After working with the ROTARYSTAR the soil is crumbly and therefore optimal for the next weeding pass. After the first operation, weeding can be carried out up to a crop height of 30-40 cm, if necessary. So you mobilise nutrients, control late-germinating weeds and prevent diseases, as well as create well-balanced growth conditions for the crop and microorganisms.

No weeding when there is a risk of frost!

For weeding in Spring, it is important to make sure that no late frosts during night are expected a few days after weeding. Weeding reduces frost resistance of the crop and therefore it can have a bad effect on the plants when there is frost some days after the weeding.

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