Zuidberg presents Innovation in front PTO

Zuidberg presents Innovation in Front PTO

With the RL2 transmission, Zuidberg presents an innovation in PTO technology. The transmission
combines a very compact design with high-tech solutions that guarantees efficiency, low noise levels,
long service life and maximum ease of use. The transferable power of the RL2 is in line with the
tractor’s engine performance, which distinguishes it from other PTOs. The RL2 is available for the
NewHolland T5, the CASE IH Vestrum and the Steyr Expert with original factory-fitted front linkage.
The mounted PTO is fully integrated with the front linkage and the tractor.

For 40 years now, Zuidberg has been focusing on product innovation of front linkage systems and
transmissions. As a result, it has always been at the forefront of technical progress within this market
segment. Zuidberg, as market leader, is taking another important step forward with the new RL2
PTO. The extremely compact design of the low-maintenance RL2 combines fully integrated functions
with a high power density.

Integrated blade clutch – The PTO has – connected to the input shaft – an integrated multi-plate
clutch with forced oil lubrication with high cooling capacity. If the PTO is not engaged, the gears
remain in rest position. The direct benefit is a fuel saving due to a low “0-load” (approx. 300W). The
robust design of the clutch guarantees the highest operational safety.

No torque peaks – The proportional valve ensures a gradual and dosed engagement of the PTO.
Torque peaks are therefore minimal, which minimises the risk of machine wear.

Maximum cooling and lubrication – The gear on the output shaft has a baffle plate. This regulates
the flow of oil in the gear area, ensuring 100% cooling and lubrication.

Oil filter – The oil filter is located at the top of the PTO and is therefore easily accessible for
inspection and replacement. All particles larger than 10 microns are filtered out. The oil throughput
guarantees optimum operation of the clutch and oil pump.

Quick and easy installation – Due to its compact design, the PTO fits directly into the factory fitted
front linkage and the tractor without any modifications. Additional adjustments are not necessary
after installation. The product validation is based on the economic lifetime of the tractor. This
ensures maximum operational safety. The PTO fits within the warranty conditions of the tractor
supplier and MOT inspection.

Technical specifications:

  • Output 1.000 tpm
  • Maximaal 123 kW transmittable power
  • Equipped with wet clutch on input shaft
  • Compact housing with cooling fins
  • High pressure oil filter
  • Oil level 1,1 l (UTTO)
  • Weight 38,5 kg

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