CompactLine FC Loaders


Smart powerhouse.
The compact class.

Added value. For small tractors.

Tight spaces, small areas and narrow streets. This is where Compact tractors are at their best. Because it’s all about endurance and manoeuvrability while working at full capacity.

Are you part of the smart group of Compact users? Are you a competent representative of the local council, a dedicated service provider? Are you running a small farm or a dynamic horse farm with all the due diligence, or are you a valuable fruit or wine grower? Then you are well aware that: Perfection in these areas can only be achieved by combining Compact tractors with the right front loaders. Best of all, one of outstanding quality: The STOLL CompactLine!

We combine our technical competence with our customers’ most important requirements: Easy to operate. The STOLL CompactLine offers a wide variety of models. From the smallest lifting arms for tractors between 15 and 25 hp, up to the larger FC 550 P for tractors of around 60 hp. Compact at full speed ahead.

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